Partner in value creation

Since the first entrepreneurial project, the main features of quality services and the contribution that these features can provide to the vision, mission and values of the Organization have been identified. The steady effort of management is focused on the constant evaluation of opportunities to create and increase awareness of quality in the Organization and in the network with all stakeholders.

The management board decided to govern its own procedures through a Quality Management System (QMS) and to invite an independent qualified body to verify its consistency with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 international standard requirements.

The result of the evaluation led to the certification of the system itself. Therefore, our processes and practices are considered effective to ensure the following processes:

Design and delivery of management consulting services. Design and delivery occupational, health and safety management systems, quality management systems and environmental management system, also in major infrastructure projects. Design and delivery of privacy management systems and food management systems. Design and delivery of managerial training. Design and delivery of professional training in the following fields: occupational health and safety and food safety, also in e-learning mode. Design and delivery training and consulting services for internationalization processes, also in English and French Design and delivery of measuring and monitoring services in the following fields: environment, safety and occupational health and safety (IAF 35, 37)