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Our Project

Since the entrepreneurial project, the main characteristics of Service Quality and the contribution they can make to the vision, mission and values of the Organization have been identified. Management's constant effort is geared toward the constant evaluation of opportunities to create and increase Quality awareness in the Organization and in the network of relationships with all stakeholders, as well as attention to the Health and Safety of every Worker and Collaborator.

Our Management System

Management thus decided to govern its processes through an integrated Quality and Safety Management System and submit it for conformity assessment by two different accredited certification bodies, thus obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications

Yes, agreed, but concretely what do we do?

Design and delivery

of management consulting services

Design and delivery

of management training services.

Design and delivery

of consulting services on occupational health and safety management systems

Design and delivery

of professional training services in e-learning mode

Design and delivery

of privacy consulting services

Design and delivery

of training and consulting services in internationalization

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