Measurement Services

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Measurement Services

In Organisational and Corporate Management Systems

The third type of services provided by ACTA Project Logic concerns the design and provision of measurement services. In order to carry out their activities, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to test, frequently through expert surveys, compliance with certain requirements. To this end, it is necessary to identify, structure and carry out measurements, the results of which, appropriately processed, are then subject to evaluation.

Servizi di misurazione acta

Designing and delivering measurement services

The latter can be conducted by qualified technicians whose requirements are indicated by mandatory references (e.g. enrolment in specific registers). This case mainly concerns expert surveys, or by suitably qualified personnel without any regulatory constraints. ACTA Logica di Progetto is able to design and provide acoustic, vibrometric, electromagnetic radiation and radon gas measurement services.

Servizi di misurazione acta


ACTA's measurement services in detail

Surveys for Workers' Exposure to Risks

Noise Pollution Containment and Prevention

Phonometric surveys

Acoustic Reports

Noise impact assessment for production facilities

Reports signed by acoustically competent technicians for the issue of a permit

Acoustic Impact

Acoustic Climate Reports for Residential Buildings

Verification of Passive Acoustic Requirements of Buildings

Acoustic Zoning Plans

Noise Pollution Containment and Prevention

Study and Design of Acoustic Requirements

Design of Environmental Acoustic Remediation Interventions

Design of Sound Remediation Interventions on Machines

Microclimate and lighting

Electromagnetic radiation

Radon gas

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